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What would you describe representation as?  In a commercial sense representation is vital. Staff represent: you, your voice, your passions and most importantly; your world view. In a time where the ethos of a firm’s work culture should always have traits of inclusion, diversity of thought and equality.

Does your workforce represent this inclusion? what measures are in place to have a continuous pool of talent and diversity of thought?

Equality is ineffective without equity so we give you the means to invest in your workforce, invest in their views. This will in turn give value to your productivity and work ethic. Collegial relationships has the propensity to provide  a template for social relationships/interpersonal relationships.

Here at Ethnicity Cards one of our most fundamental philosophies is that ‘work life is merely an extension of human endeavour’

We as humans undergo daily tasks. Work emphasises, if not, extends these tasks. For example, a manager would extend the management of their daily life and shifts the context of their managerial demeanour from their personal in to their commercial life. In the same way; a cleaner would clean their own habitat, this task is therefore extended again in a commercial context, i.e. by being paid to clean, therefore being an example of an extension of human endeavour.

What we offer

– Items and schema that guarantee your firm pioneers diversity & inclusion among its workplace, fully recognises such initiatives on cultural and social awareness, engages and implements them

– Creates the conditions for amorous collegiate and inclusive work ethic.

-The concrete evidence on why diversifying work forces has extremely lucrative results.

– Methods of best practice that promote innovation and efficiency, items that implore creativity and valuable inter-personal relations in your workforce.

Here at EthniCity Cards we have a whole lot of  methods to make your work force diverse and tap in to the pockets of innovation 
already in your firm. Items that implore difference of perspectives and enrich the pool of talent at the firm's resource.

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