Zweli Gule (MSc.)

Creative DIRECTOR- CEO/Founder

“representation and imagination, are the founding blocks for anyone’s well-being”  “so many people with so many differences, yet we are all the same”


This project is one of Zweli Gule’s many. With experience in both private and public sectors Mr Gule (MSc.) he underwent a Bachelors in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at London Guildhall (2012) and graduated from Royal Holloway University (2018)  with a Masters in Media, Power & Public Affairs.

When asked about what the inspiration behind founding the company he’s reported to have said:

“From an early age my mother has been the greatest example of what a human being looks and acts like. I grew up surrounded by real-life superheroes and heroines, people that used their imagination on how countries (particularly the affairs of our neighbour South Africa and ourselves, eSwatini/Swaziland)  were to be run, the joyous ring of freedom, the wealth of autonomy, the invigorated utopia of determining one’s one premise in one’s own existence. These were the philosophies and opinions I was surrounded by and in a lot of senses; nurtured by.

This in turn ignited my imagination and from a young age I was encouraged to explore my own creativity and words can’t express how proud I felt whenI saw my mum’s face light up when Nelson “Madiba” Mandelawas released from prison and even happier when he was elected president of South Africa, the icing on the cake was that my mum had got us to be part of a group she took with her primary school (being a teacher) to sing the new South African anthem live on a BBC show: Blue Peter. I had seen what imagination had done and I had a thirst for it since.

Watching real-life heroes, like Martin Luther King, Dr. Huey P. Newton all the way to Jermaine Defoe, Michael Jordan, Tyson and Ian Wright all these were the plethora of heroes I had in my circles.

From early on I saw the need for imagination and it was this imagination that humans pull out that allow us to embark on anything. In order for us to do something we have to imagine ourselves doing it.”

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