Takhona Nhlengethwa- Head Stylist & Brand Lead

Takhona Nhlengethwa- Head Stylist & Brand Lead

Takhona Nhlengethwa


Miss Nhlegethwa’s style is next to none (this is a statement said lightly). From an early age the ability and prowess to command an audience was close to innate for this wonder bean. As soon as she was able to walk she is reported to have been modeliing the ideals toys with spouts of assembling toys and customising them to a,ple aesthetic delicacies. After an ample academic stint Ms. Nhlengethwa infiltrated the vibrant media industry in eSwatini (Swaziland) and soon made a mark as a presenter.

Her love for style and flair combined with her media talent make her the femme fatale to the EthniCity outfit, or more precisely the secret ingredient to the sauce that is now packed with flavour and punch.

The founder and driving force behind incredhairble.com there literally isn’t a thing she can’t do.

A proud member and asset to the team she is the “go-to” for any style or incredhairble.com related queries:

email:      takhona.nhlengethwa@ethnicitycards.co.uk

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