PowerDrill 16GB USB

PowerDrill 16GB USB


Feast on all that is data at a great price, for a great machine with a great design.

  • comes in 16GB
  • can strore .mp4, .avi, .mkv, .xvid, .mp3, .wav, etc. etc.
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Look at this. What have we got here, I think it’s pretty much 2 steps away from being “REALLY AWESOME”. This Flash drive is perfect for the “manual person” and ideal for the perfect present for them, or yourself. Wonder at the innovation behind this design, but also wallow in the praises you will get from the person you give it to, or the people that see it.

Use the drive to load and watch movies and other items (as long as your TV has a USB slot), as well as use it to store all that is data.

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