MObiVent (iPhone)

MObiVent (iPhone)

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Are you, or anyone you know going away somewhere rather hot, well we’ve got the thing. Imagine the days of sweating out your water reserves are well and truly behind you. Get this fan which is ideal with it’s powerful ventilation and powerful completely from the power on your device battery. Propeller is rubber.

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old
  • POWERED from device battery
  • 6 month warranty
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This amazing MObiVent is exactly that; a mobile ventilation system POWERED by your phone. Ideal for vacations and holidays and the ever eventful British (& European weather). It’s portable and powered COMPLETELY by your device, there’s no need to charge it.

Fan is powerful and gives out a tremendous amount of air for a portable device.

Get one and give us a shout or mention on social media about your experience with them, are you in love with them as much as we love them?

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