Ice Cream USB 16GB

Ice Cream USB 16GB


Magnum Ice Cream shaped USB Flash Drive, 16GB. Feast on all that is data at a great price, for a great character with a great design.

  • Not suitable for anyone under 3 years old
  • 8.5cm in heaight
  • comes in 16GB
  • can store .mp4, .avi, .mkv, .xvid, .mp3, .wav, etc. etc.
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Magnum shaped ice cream flash drive, for all your sweet data needs. Get a “cool” looking to settle down those hot items of data. This is an ice cream that will not melt away and you know a Magnum is the premiere of ice cream  which makes even more fun. Lovers, of all things chocolate-y; brace yourselves. How long have you been waiting for this? and look we’ve thought of you enough to make sure it’s right here right in front of you! Don’t ever say; we don’t look after you and, you’re not at the heart of every thing we do. Welcome, oh “feasters-of-all-that-is-chocolatey-ice-cream” we promise to never do you wrong.

Use the drive to load and watch movies and other items (as long as your TV has a USB slot), as well as use it to store all that is data.

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