Great Person, Bad Choices (Female) A6

Great Person, Bad Choices (Female) A6



  • sized A6 (A5 halved)
  • card reads “although, you may not have had the best luck with choosing relationships.. I’m so glad you still chose to be a great person”
  • card includes, an A6 envelope
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From the ever expanding and ever creative studios of EthniCity Cards comes a card for that special person that seems to make the bad choices in relationships but always has that heart of gold. Here we acknowledge them and their existence, oh tender flowers of the Arctic cold we at the EthniCity Cards studio see you, and we praise you. This card is ideal for the friend that’s gone through a break-up or separation a great way to keep them perky and cheery through what might be a tough time, but here we’ve made something that lets you remind them, HOW GREAT THEY ARE!!


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