4-in-1 Pen STYLUS

4-in-1 Pen STYLUS



  • random colours (black, blue, silver, yellow)
  • 148 x 12 x 14mm / 5.8 x 0.5 x 0.6in
  • metallic finish
  • durable rubber end
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This excellent and unique product is the perfect tool for those of us that need more from our pens. This item is stunning, well designed and an absolute marvel for comfort. This pen doubles up as a ruler, spirit level, small flat-head screwdriver and a round-tipped stylus.

-High sensitivity stylus pen, you can type, click, double-click, drag, scroll, and draw easily and precisely on the screen, as if using a real pen.Compatible for most devices equipped with a capacitive touch screen, such as tablets, smart phones.

  1. head of stylus has a rubber design , soft enough to protect your screen against fingerprints and scratches
  2. ballpoint pen which allows you to write or draw smoothly on paper.
  3. spirit level.
  4. Precise ruler provides centimeter and inch two measuring scale, precise and clear scale satisfy various measuring standard.
  5. Detachable screw driver with PHILLIPS and SLOTTED dual mini heads, provides great convenience for tool installation and disassembly.
  6. The cover case is manufactured by chrome plated workmanship, makes it exquisite and stylish, suitable for business, office, classroom, meeting, etc.


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