Denise Jodie Martin

Denise Jodie Martin

Denise Jodie Martin-
Head of Operations (S.Africa & Swaziland)

The amazing and talented Denise Jodie Martin has been an asset to the team as well as being a personal inspiration to the founder. He often talks of amazing adventures and conversations with this mighty lady who has been influential from the beginning of the EthniCity Cards project. Smart, beautiful and pragmatic full of style and flare is what you’ll get from Denise, who is heading our operations in South Africa and Swaziland.

Matriculated in 2014 from Bookville Institute & City Campus, there she underwent a rigorous course and graduated in the falling autumn. She later went on to Limkokwing University in 2016 where she commenced modules in Public Relations. Whilst at Limkokwing she started her career at Moe Trading Solutions as a PA and soon learnt enough to know that she wanted to do what she’s currently studying (and doing for EthniCity Cards); Project Management at CIT College.

She describes her passions and skills as: writing, eagerness and insatiable appetite for knowledge and new skills, her resilience and serenity under pressure, and her remarkable team work and ethic.

Miss Denise Jodie Martin is a remarkable asset to the brand.


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