Amina Olalekan- CFO/ General Ops. Manager

Amina Olalekan- CFO/ General Ops. Manager

Amina Olalaken

Chief Finance Officer- Ops. Manager

Amina Olalekan is a formidable part of the EthniCity Cards machine. With a superlative approach to commercial resolution Amina found herself equipped with experience she fostered from time in the: media & technology, manufacturing and now marketing industries. Having degrees in Oil & Engineering and Oil & Gas Business Management her superhuman abilities soon shone through and we saw her light from far away.

She is the driving force behind daily operations here and has probably worked out how to conquer the world (we should know know, her ideas are mind-grabbing). Following her is the rest of the team, confident in her delegation of leadership we firmly believe that we would follow her to the depths of the underworld and back again (with or without the “return” ticket). The Lieutenant of the EthniCity Cards unit Amina is responsible for the operations of the company and a title well deserved with her time as not only an events, but an office and operations manager too.

To say we’re lucky to have her on board and as part of the team is an understatement. This marvelous creation has been the “get-up-and-go” juice for a newly woken company, rejuvenating the aims and ethos, inspiring change and agency, shining her light so bright we always know which way to go. An inspiration, an amazing example, an excellent presence.

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