Our Beliefs/ Ethos

Here at EthniCity Cards we celebrate the uniqueness evident in all of us. Although most people think things like ethnicity are important, we don’t. We do however think that celebrating our individual differences brings us altogether since; we’re more open to, and implore, differences.

The mad scientists working in our “Laboratory of expression” come up with innovate and witty ways of bringing humans together, dancing in a utopic melody intertwined by love manifest and packaged in to small packages for people so that they too can pocket all the manifest goodness

From as early as we could remember unifying the world through spates of random beauty and displays of unparamounted humanity  has been on the lips and minds of everyone here at EthniCity Cards. With a warm and amicable approach to many dire and mundane concepts (worthy of discussion) things that most may have usually shyed from are now overtly and inadvertently implored to be brought to the forefront but under a more joyous tone.

Based in London, UK we’re a bunch of happy-as-Annabelle types. Constantly looking for great ways to embarrass ourselves, our kids and our families. So keep posted and up-to-date by following us on all our handles (we’ve always got something cooking up).

EthniCity Cards as a team has been around for quite a while. A collective of family members and close friends the company has been abreast of the social and political changes occurring globally. With team members a t EthniCity Cards well within their right to be proclaimed as some of the most innovative minds in their fields. The company itself is a brainchild of CEO and Founder Zweli Gule, it was just a matter of time until all these great people had an outlet for their creative endeavour.

About Us- Meet the Team

Zweli Gule CEO


The company’s this guy’s idea. Don’t ask him about it, you won’t be able to shut him up, believe us; we’ve tried. He’d want us to tell you he’s also Creative Director, General Manager and a  bunch of other things.

Sara Awayez Head of Ops. (Sweden)

Head of Ops. (Sweden)

This amazing and truly talemnted lady is one of the greatest driving forces when it comes to EthniCity Cards, her boundless energy and ecstatic charm makes a vital part of the brand.

Nhlanhla "Lucky" Nhlegethwa Ops. Manager

Ops. Manager (SA/SD)

This amazing and very talented man is responsible for getting stuff done  here at EthniCity Cards. He’s an asset to the EthniCity Brand.

Denise J. Martin H.o.O (S.Africa/SD)

Head of Ops. (SA/SD)

This amazing and very talented lady is our go-to beacon here at EthniCity Cards. With her formidable thinking she’s an asset to the EthniCity Brand.

Takhona Nhlengethwa, Stylist

Head Stylist

This very talented lady is the secret ingredient in the EthniCity Cards sauce, she heads our aesthetics and style based endeavours.

Nonks Ncube Comms. Exec

Comms Exec.

This lady is responsible for how you got to know, how you will get to know us, and what you’re gonna do once you meet us. Team Member.

Yasmin Dini Campaigns Officer

Campaigns Officer

This very talented lady is our pocket-rocket here at EthniCity Cards. With enough wonder to fill p two galaxies this bundle of joy is the motivation glue to the EthniCity Brand.

Vileta Wilson Visual/Media Exec.


This amazing and talented young lady is probably EthniCity Cards’s own secret weapon, packing a punch of wonder and sprinkles of magic wonder dust she is an asset to the brand.

Fatou Diakhe Cultural Consultant

Cultural Consultant

This amazing and talented lady is a great addition to the team. Bringing creativity and sparks of genius.

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